• Art making is a transformative process.

    The journey to make art begins with you, the inner part of you. For that which is expressed externally is first conceived from within – from the inner space of you where imagination breathes, waiting to be allowed space to connect externally and make art. To make this kind of art therefore requires transformative methods to awaken your creativity and enable your creative process.

    The art we create from our inner landscape becomes a blueprint for our being. This blueprint of art is sung with your voice, discerned with your inner intelligence and made with your creative hands. And this birthing of art becomes part of the evolution of our consciousness. For art has this power.

    This is what the Studio of Spontaneous Creativity is all about.

    - noula diamantopoulos

Art & Mindfulness Workshops based in Sydney and Creativity Coaching Sessions available

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Upcoming Workshops & Events


Agape presents the latest body of text based neon works by Artist, Writer and Psychotherapist Noula Diamantopoulos: Exhibition at Artereal Gallery until December 22

Noula Diamantopoulos’s latest series of cryptic neon artworks employ the poetry of the Greek language to explore one of art history’s most enduring and universal themes – love. Initial creative stirrings and the ideas behind these works, were inspired by a recently completed public art commission, in which Noula was asked to create an enormous 60 sqm mosaic installation. Click here to learn more 


Introduction to Mosaics

1 day immersion workshop - Upcoming date: Sunday, 28th January 2018

Introduction to Mosaics is a one-day workshop for mosaic beginners. You will learn the indirect method of mosaic making using sticky plastic, and how to work with glass tiles. During the day you will also cover cutting techniques for specific mosaic shapes, health & safety tips for studio practice, and the elements of mosaic design Click here to learn more & enrol...


Painting with Encaustic Wax

1 day immersion workshop - Upcoming date: Sunday 4th February 2018

Painting with Encaustic Wax

In this 1 day Painting with Encaustic Wax workshop, we will work with the wax medium in a variety of ways, from a painterly fashion to one that embraces the encaustics organic nature creating texture and unpredictable movement. You will learn how to make your own encaustic wax medium, experiment with different techniques and tools, and create up to 5 small encaustic artworks to take home. Click here to learn more & enrol...

The Creative Shaman: An Art for Strictly Beginners Course

6 week course - Starting Wednesday 7th February 2018, from 6:15pm - 9pm each week

Art for Strictly Beginners

This introductory course is called The Creative Shaman because it is truly a magical journey that unlocks your creative potential. This is the most structured course the Studio offers. We cover topics such as the 4 sighting skills, an introduction to colour theory, painting in acrylics, painting in water colour, working in charcoal and daily morning pages. The course overflows with the number of art exercises that you get to do and by the end of the course your art journal will be overflowing with your amazing works. Click here to learn more & enrol...

The Happiness Tree: Personal Development Course

5 week course - Starting Tuesday 30th January 2018, from 6:30pm - 8:30pm each week

Personal Development Course

The Happiness Tree is a 5 week Personal Development course that will take you on beautiful metaphoric journey involving art and drawing "you" as the 'Tree of Life'. You will learn to draw, learn to colour, and express yourself through art making. You will be encouraged to be curious and to discover who you are - which will begin your journey towards a more meaningful and purposeful life. Click here to learn more & enrol...

Coaching for Creatives

Coaching for Creatives My Coaching for Creatives sessions are specifically created to assist you in all matters regarding your creativity - whether that be to overcome a block, to set out or clarify your creative goals/intentions, or to simply have me as a buddy along your creative art journey to discuss art related concepts and resolve art work challenges.

All Coaching for Creatives sessions are via Skype and email only. The intention is that you do not have to create extra time to make space for me and that it is affordable. These Creativity Coaching sessions are not psychotherapy sessions or life coaching sessions.

These Coaching for Creatives sessions are designed for artists and budding artists - painters, photographers, writers. I buddy/coach you throughout the duration of 1 month, to assist you in achieving your creative and artistic intentions. Click here to learn more & book...


What is Spontaneous Creativity?

The Studio of Spontaneous Creativity engages us in a process of art making that appears chaotic and perhaps random.

Yet there is a preparedness here allows participants to travel to the unknown and bring forward art that could not have been created in any other way.

The art then becomes part of a process that informs us, where a dialogue emerges between the creator and the created. The art exists now to challenge us. In this space we embrace the challenge and ask ourselves, what is trying to come forward, what is trying to be said? As we learn to let ourselves create our art, traveling to the unknown becomes a familiar process, and we open a pathway to discovering our own interior landscape.

“Art is like any kind of transformation, be it a caterpillar to a butterfly, or a seed cracking from its casing: there is always initial mess and chaos – the unpretty faze. Don’t judge it! Let it grow into its beauty.” - noula diamantopoulos

To learn more about me, visit my personal website: www.nouladiamantopoulos.com

You are. That is. Creative

Finding your way to your greater creative self
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