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Artist Radio Interview with Eastside FM 89.7

Artist Radio Interview

Arts reporter Chris Virtue from Eastside FM 89.7 spoke to Noula on the Opening Night of her Encaustic Wax Art Exhibition Inhale: Receiving the Divine Gift..

"This November, Artereal Gallery in Rozelle presents the second exhibition of a trilogy by multi-disciplinary artist and psychotherapist Noula Diamantopoulos..."
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'Inhale' Encaustic Art Exhibition Review on Eastside FM 89.7

Exhibition Review

Lisa Kirstistuen and Hanna Sundquist from Eastside FM 89.7 wrote an Exhibition Review on Noula's Encaustic Wax Art Exhibition Inhale: Receiving the Divine Gift..

"0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… You might think we are just writing random numbers, but in fact these are the Fibonacci numbers that appear in biological settings such as branching in trees, the fruit sprouts of a pineapple and the flowering of an artichoke. The numbers are also intimately connected with the golden ratio, and are also a prime example of how mathematics is connected to seemingly unrelated things."
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'Curious Harmony' by noula diamantopoulos

Curious Harmony

When I hear the word balance, I think of work-life balance. Before I can reflect further, my body responds with an internal squirm and quiver, followed by a somatic gesture, which I try to hold in – but it squeezes out and my nose crinkles!

Why does my nose crinkle at the thought of work-life balance? Because it feels like I need to produce an Excel spreadsheet, improve my time management skills and tick more boxes of accomplishments, so I might feel I am living a balanced lifestyle.
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'Curious Harmony' article in YOKE Magazine Issue 2

YOKE Magazine

Noula wrote an article about the topic of 'Curious Harmony' and her performance artwork QUEST in Issue 2 of YOKE Magazine.

"In issue 2 of YOKE Magazine, we embrace the craziness of life and our continuous ambitious desire to find and hang onto balance. Issue 2 interrogates the lived and conceptual relationships between balance and truth, the spirit, and healing. Is balance something that can be lost and then remodified and adapted? Is it even something that really exists? The ‘Balance’ issue brings together global leaders in the world of balance, while honing in on local, Aussie voices and homegrown perspectives on balance: from culinary culture to permaculture, from physical performance to philosophy, from ancient Ayurveda to Wirradjiri wisdom."
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'Are you on NICE?' by noula diamantopoulos

Article about discovering your authentic self

Nice is one of those words we use a lot, but what does nice mean? All I can come up with is that nice means so many things, and that it’s meaning has become ambiguous and therefore unreliable. When someone uses the word nice, it’s meaning is questionable and leaves the recipient wondering whether the delivery imparted sarcasm or ‘niceness’.
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'Wisdom Reinvented' interview with Prevention Magazine

Interview with Prevention MagazineNoula was recently interviewed and photographed by Prevention Magazine Australia for their October 2014 issue.

"Wisdom Reinvented" is about seven women, from seven different cultures, who all share a universal zest for life and an outlook on ageing that redefines the word inspiration.
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'Keep Making Mistakes' by noula diamantopoulos

Article about discovering your authentic self

“In my studio practice comma no fullstop start again. In my studio practice no start again. In my studio I practice, hence the name studio practice.”

- noula diamantopoulos exploring miss takes
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'Change' by noula diamantopoulos

Article about managing change

Change is something that happens regardless of whether we mean it to, make it to, want it to or not. Change is an outcome, a result and acts in the same manner as milestones do. Changes are like a tracking devise, a witness to our being, that we were here and this is what it looked like when we were. And if there was no change, then did anything happen!
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'Why In God's Name Isn't Everyone Creative?' article in YOKE Magazine Issue 1

YOKE Magazine

Noula contributed an article 'Why In God's Name Isn't Everyone Creative?' to the first issue of YOKE Magazine.

"The themes of love and loss are filtered through the pages of this first issue of YOKE, as a little reminder and celebration that we all connect with love and loss during our lifetime, and that how we learn to love and let go is an intrinsic and vital function of being human.
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'Coach Your Creative Spirit' by noula diamantopoulos

We are beings of potential.

We were born with this from source. It's there at all times and it's there forever. We don't have to do anything else other than to recognise the potency that resides within us and then to action it. Without action it stays within us dormant, unused, unexplored, unshared.

Many of us don't know that it's there or believe that we have it, yet we do.

Potential is the power of possibility.

The power of possibility is our Imagination accessed.

Are you creating with your imagination - the powerhouse of potential?
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'Questing Creativity' by noula diamantopoulos

The topic of creativity seems to be an elusive gift.

So what if I said you are creative. That everyone is creative. That it is impossible to not be creative. That everything you have done to date is an Act of Creativity. These statements are my beliefs and I wish to share with you your journey to Accessing & Activating your creativity.

Pause a moment and explore this. Start thinking about all the decisions you have made in life. They created your experiences. Your experiences in turn created who you are.
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'ART to a T' by noula diamantopoulos

You have decided to become an artist and you are a late bloomer.

You attend art courses or even art school and you practice. You read books and study from old and modern masters. You watch videos about the artist’s life, read blogs, surf the internet and continue to practice.

Yet the journey you have undertaken doesn’t feel as smooth as it should. Why can’t you immediately create the way you want to? You are an adult, so you should be able to learn new skills and execute them quickly, right? You have the desire. You have the determination. Yet you are not seeing results.
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