Keep Making Mistakes

'Keep Making Mistakes' by noula diamantopoulos

“In my studio practice comma no fullstop start again. In my studio practice no start again. In my studio I practice, hence the name studio practice.”

- noula diamantopoulos exploring miss takes

Imagine approaching your art making as research. Maybe you already do. And if you don't, how might that be different to the way you currently approach your art making?

Let's say you want to try out a new medium in your art making. Perhaps it's working in inks, encaustics, clay or printing.

What do you do? Join a class? Google? Ask a colleague? Find a book on the topic or perhaps go to the art supply store and ask them or maybe just buy the art products and give it a go?

If you approached your art making as research (to search and search again) then would any part of your research be considered a mistake?

Call them what you want... just keep making them because when I do my art, I am process focused. That means I follow a ‘way’ not a technique.

My process involves meditations, journaling, doodling, reflecting and being open to the world channel (messages from the universe). I include an intuitive based research approach to my  art practice. And I usually have Joseph Campbell close at hand saying to me “where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

My 'mistakes' viewed by others, oppose my growth. My ‘mistakes’ viewed by me are research. And the more research I do the more I learn.

So I am okay to keep making mistakes because it means I have the preparedness to sit with the results of my own uncertainty, because I have faith in my creative process.

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