• Holistic Personal Development Coaching

    Holistic Personal Development Coaching

    Personal development sessions that integrate positive psychology, mindfulness, meditations and a connection to your spiritual self.

  • The Spontaneous Way

    The Spontaneous Way

    Mixed media painting course over 7 weeks, that explores the processes of letting go and connecting with another part of yourself to create & experiment with mixed media techniques

  • The Creative Shaman

    The Creative Shaman

    An Art for Strictly Beginners course over 6 weeks, where you will draw, work with acrylic paints, watercolour paints, charcoal, and learn about colour theory

  • Painting with Encaustic Wax

    Painting with Encaustic Wax

    Immersion encaustic wax workshop over 1 day, where you will learn about the history of encaustics & how to work with the medium from a painterly fashion to one that…

  • Encaustic Mosaics

    Encaustic Mosaics

    This Encaustic Mosaics Art course is experimental and developmental. This workshop is for advanced encaustic practitioners with limited places available.

  • Primitive Sculptures in Clay

    Primitive Sculptures in Clay

    Immersion clay workshop for beginners over 1 day, exploring the history of primitive art and creating your own primitive clay sculptures called golums

  • Yoga For Your Brain

    Yoga For Your Brain

    Personal Development course over 5 weeks, that introduces you to the offerings of our planets most respected teachers on how to become the best of you

  • The Happiness Tree

    The Happiness Tree

    Personal Development course over 5 weeks, that involves reflecting, journaling and metaphoric thinking to help you see your life with a lens of clarity

  • Learn to Meditate – Free Workshop

    Learn to Meditate – Free Workshop

    Learn to Meditate with noula diamantopoulos in Inhale: From Meditation to Manifestation, her monthly free meditation series at Artereal Gallery.