Welcome to the Studio of Spontaneous Creativity's Art and Personal Development workshops. We have short-term and long-term art courses available, designed for strictly beginners as well as ongoing art development courses.

We're passionate about what we do and can't wait to share it with you. Below are some of our workshops and classes on offer. To view available dates, pricing options, book online or purchase gift vouchers for a friend or loved one, please make your selection below and follow the prompts.

Our beginners courses are called The Creative Shaman. And for those interested in developing their artistic practice, please consider The Spontaneous Way course.

We also have specialised workshops in Painting with Encaustic Wax and creating Primitive Sculptures in Clay.

There are also three Personal Development workshops, one is Yoga for Your Brain and the other is The Happiness Tree - both these courses run for 5 weeks. The final one we have is about Learning to Meditate, which is a free monthly meditation event held at Artereal Gallery.


  • Encaustic Mosaics

    Encaustic Mosaics

    This Encaustic Mosaics Art course is experimental and developmental. This workshop is for advanced encaustic practitioners with limited places available.

  • Primitive Sculptures in Clay

    Primitive Sculptures in Clay

    Immersion clay workshop for beginners over 1 day, exploring the history of primitive art and creating your own primitive clay sculptures called golums

  • Yoga For Your Brain

    Yoga For Your Brain

    Personal Development course over 5 weeks, that introduces you to the offerings of our planets most respected teachers on how to become the best of you

  • The Happiness Tree

    The Happiness Tree

    Personal Development course over 5 weeks, that involves reflecting, journaling and metaphoric thinking to help you see your life with a lens of clarity

  • Learn to Meditate – Free Workshop

    Learn to Meditate – Free Workshop

    Learn to Meditate with noula diamantopoulos in Inhale: From Meditation to Manifestation, her monthly free meditation series at Artereal Gallery.