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Current & upcoming exhibitions and events by noula diamantopoulos, a multidisciplinary contemporary Artist, Holistic Coach and Practicing Psychotherapist.


Current Exhibition


noula diamantopoulos
2 Novemver - 3 December 2016
Artereal Gallery - 747 Darling St, Rozelle NSW

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Recent Event

From Meditation to Manifestation

On Tuesday 11 November 2014, Artereal Gallery was transformed into a home of consciousness, community and contemporary art, welcoming more than 40 guests for a meditation workshop with exhibiting artist, noula diamantopoulos.

The free event, From Meditation to Manifestation, brought together a wide section of Sydney-siders, crossing generations, cultures and genders to create a melting pot of humans under a shared goal of connecting with likeminded individuals and exploring the benefits of meditation.

Seasoned and novice meditators alike came together under the guidance of exhibiting artist, noula diamantopoulos, who introduced the group to a range of meditation techniques before inviting guests to share their experience with the process.

“In a world that demands we are connected and available 24/7, we have never been so disconnected. While it may seem counterintuitive, disconnecting from our online obligations is the answer to finding real connection; not only with ourselves but also our community,” said diamantopoulos.

“Meditation is becoming increasingly mainstream; the benefits are countless and undisputed. As part of this free event, we wanted to create a safe space for people to learn about and explore different meditation techniques and to forge connections with other like-minded people,” she said.

The workshop took place amidst the pristine surrounds of contemporary art by diamantopoulos, whose exhibition Inhale: Receiving The Divine Gift, served as an ideal backdrop for a group meditation workshop. Noula is preoccupied with merging art with consciousness not only through her art practice but also in her ongoing studio workshops and her acclaimed performance work, QUEST, which seeks to engage participants in an intimate and meditative silent dialogue of questions.

Artereal Gallery thanks our wonderful friends at nudie juice, YOKE magazine, Egg of the Universe, 1GiantMind and VeriVal for generously donating their products to bring this event to life.

Inhale: Receiving the Divine Gift will be showing at Artereal Gallery until Saturday 29th November.


Video of the From Meditation to Manifestation Event...

To find the Meditations experienced during this event, skip to the following times in the video:

Body Scan & White Light Visualisation – 13:18 minutes
Japa Meditation – 36:50 minutes
Heart Meditation – 48:48 minutes