The Creative Shaman

The Creative Shaman is an art for strictly beginners course in Sydney that will teach you the art of painting, drawing, printing, collaging, journalling and more!
6 week evening Course:

UPCOMING DATE: Wednesday, 7th February, 2018
DURATION: Once a week for 6 weeks
TIME: 6:15pm - 9:00pm each week
LOCATION: Rear 747 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039
$360 inclusive of GST

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What you will learn

• New ways of seeing, and techniques that teach you how to draw.
• Acrylic painting techniques
• How to work with charcoal, learn about colour theory, and learn the art method of modern masters.

What you will get

• You will come away with a variety of resources (books, videos, articles) that will guide and inspire your art making journey.
• You will create a portfolio of artwork exercises that explore a variety of art making techniques and mediums.
• You will document your creative journey by creating an art journal.
• You will learn the power of Morning Pages.
• You will come to get to know, and perhaps even befriend, your inner critic.

Course description

This is an Art for Strictly Beginners course. Over the 6 weeks you will learn the foundations of realistic and experimental drawing and painting, and gain an understanding of the creative process. You will learn how to draw, learn how to work with acrylic paints, learn how to work with charcoal, and learn about colour theory.

During this art course for beginners, you will discover the four pillars of drawing; learn to express yourself through a variety of mediums, experiment with art apps; play with colour, paint & draw a lot! You will also get to meet your inner critic, face to face and begin a new relationship - a collaborative one.

What would your creative voice sound like if it could speak?

In The Creative Shaman you will learn to give rise to the creative voice within you and allow it to express itself through art. Throughout this art-foundations course, you will document your creative journey by building a portfolio of artworks & creating your own art journals. You will also come away with many art exercises, techniques, creative tools & resources that will guide & inspire you to continue exploring your creative voice.

What would it say to the world?

I think you might just be surprised.
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