The Spontaneous Way

The Spontaneous Way is a 7 week Mixed Media Painting course.

STARTING DATE: New date coming soon
DURATION: Once a week for 7 weeks
TIME OPTIONS: 10am - 1pm OR 2pm - 5pm each week
LOCATION: Rear 747 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039

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What you will learn

• Mindfulness techniques that will help you discover your creative potential and how to express yourself through art making.
• How to incorporate mixed media mediums and techniques (drawing, painting, design, use of colour, text) in a single artwork
• A step by step process to help you discover your creative process, by merging your art practice with mindfulness techniques, working hand in hand with the 'da Vincian' principles from the book 'How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci'.

What you will get

• You will create a portfolio of artworks exploring a variety of mixed media art making techniques and mediums.
• You will document your creative journey by creating an art journal to document your creative processes.
• You will come away with a variety of resources (books, videos, articles) that will guide and inspire your art making journey.
• You will have access to purchase additional art materials from our studio storeroom.

Course description

This 7 week course is divided into two sections. In the first 2 weeks, participants will be immersed in a variety of exercises designed to access & open the imagination.This will involve painting, drawing, design elements, the emotion of colour and the power of words... all rolled into an explosive art process.

These first 2 weeks will prepare you for the remaining 5 weeks which you will be exploring your visual language and creating works, or one work (the intention will be set on an individual basis as to what you wish to achieve).

This 7 week course is aligned with Michael Gelb's book 'How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci', which introduces 7 principles inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's essential elements to 'creative genius'. Each week, we will be covering one of the principles and learning how to integrate it into your creative art process.

This course is suitable for students whom have had previous experience working with paints. You can still be a beginner, but not a strictly beginner. It is a mixed media painting course designed for those creative souls who wish to take their art up a notch (or hopefully more), and wish to explore using more than one medium in a single artwork. This might be writing and photography, painting and collage, cold wax and oil sticks.

This workshop is also suitable for those who are currently feeling stuck, are seeking inspiration or whose inner critic is just too damn loud! Either way, this course will get all your creative juices going.


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