Introduction to Sculpture: Primitive Sculptures in Clay



UPCOMING DATE: Sunday 11th September 2016

NEXT DATE: Sunday 4th December 2016

TIME: 10:00am – 4:00pm

PRICE: $245 inclusive of materials

WHAT TO BRING: Click here to download the PDF




Primitive Sculptures in Clay is a 1 day immersion sculpture class for beginners in Sydney.

In this workshop, we will explore primitive art and create your own primitive sculptures in clay called Golems. Jewish legend has it that Golems are clay figures brought to life by magic.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the foundational drawing processes which are essential to engaging your imagination and allowing you to create your own primitive/abstract clay figures.

Throughout art history we see similar artefacts and artworks – clay sculptures and figures defined by a primal and primitive universal power – made by artists across time and place.

This art making process is immediate. It comes from your heart and through your hands. Embued with a spiritual quality, Golems are a symbol of our emotional and inner journey and represent the human condition in all its complexity.

After you have completed your clay sculpture works, you will be able to finish your sculpture by casting your artwork in bronze or by firing your work. The course does not include bronze casting or firing fees.