QUEST is experimental performance artwork, where the art is created in collaboration with you - the participant, and me - the artist.

QUEST performance artwork

Each performance is comprised of ten questions, in which we engage in a dialogue consisting of handwritten questions (no answers), with no talking allowed. Each of us takes turns to write a question in response to the previous question. What unfolds can be magical!

QUEST is an intimate and personal experience as every dialogue is inherently unique, and participants are challenged to be curious, and shift the way they think. QUEST highlights the powerful nature of questions, and calls us to question whether the answers we seek could actually be revealed within the questions we ask.

Why QUEST? Good question. Questing is a powerful and simple way to open the channels of communication between individuals in order to get to the heart of the matter.

I can facilitate a QUEST with you or your Corporate Team to help with a specific issue. Or if you’re just curious to see how it works, and what you can discover about yourself!

To learn more about QUEST, visit the noulaquesting blog.


QUEST performance artwork QUEST performance artwork