Watch these videos interviewing Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist noula diamantopoulos, which will give you an insight into her studio & creative art-making process.


You are. That is. Creative. Artist Chat with George Raftopoulos

In this fine art TV show episode Noula Diamantopoulos is interviewed with Colour In Your Life about sculpture, painting, mosaic, art workshops, art tips and art techniques.

Process, Practice, Progress: Lessons I've Learnt / Lesson's I'm Learning About the Creative Process

At every beginning or start of a new project, we are enamoured with the idea of the big picture, the final outcome. It's as if we want to arrive at the end and we haven't even started yet. In this video I am sharing my thoughts about my own 'stuckness' at that critical beginning time of starting something new with my art. And the lesson that I learn is to focus on the process of engaging wholeheartedly with the practice, and knowing that when we do that, the outcome will always be progress.


Intuitive Art: The Creative Process and Her Many Voices



An Introduction to Meditation - From Meditation to Manifestation

On Tuesday 11 November 2014, Artereal Gallery was transformed into a home of consciousness, community and contemporary art, welcoming more than 40 guests for a meditation workshop with exhibiting artist, noula diamantopoulos.
The free event, From Meditation to Manifestation, brought together a wide section of Sydney-siders, crossing generations, cultures and genders to create a melting pot of humans under a shared goal of connecting with likeminded individuals and exploring the benefits of meditation. Seasoned and novice meditators alike came together under the guidance of exhibiting artist, noula diamantopoulos, who introduced the group to a range of meditation techniques before inviting guests to share their experience with the process.
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To find the Meditations experienced during this event, skip to the following times in the video:

Body Scan & White Light Visualisation – 13:18 minutes
Japa Meditation – 36:50 minutes
Heart Meditation – 48:48 minutes


An insight to noula's Inhale Encaustic Art Exhibition

Inhale: Receiving The Divine Gift is the second in Noula’s planned trilogy of installations encompassing the phenomenon and significance of breath. The sequence commenced with Breathing Space, a grouping of enigmatic female heads cast in transparent resin and set within an atmospheric light and sound scape. Breathing Space explored the ‘idea of us - as beings for this planet and the concept of a ‘preparatory void’ in anticipation of our arrival’. A selection of these works is included in Inhale: Receiving The Divine Gift to enhance the narrative and convey the range and continuity of the artist’s creative practice.
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Introduction to noula and her QUEST Performance

QUEST is an experimental performance work, in which the artist (me) & participant (you) engage in a silent conversation of questions (no answers) with each other. QUEST is an intimate and personal experience, in which the participant enters a shared space with the artist, and is called interact with the artist in an unconventional form of engagement. Every QUEST is unique, and participants are challenged to be curious, and shift the way they think. QUEST highlights the powerful nature of questions, and calls us to question whether the answers we seek could actually be revealed within the questions we ask.
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